Plastic Wrap Overlays & Cliparts

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At Creative Veila studio, we avoid plastic as hard as possible, though supplies come, and we want to put all that wrap in use. Besides, we do love the aesthetics. That’s why we bring the second pack of plastic textures and overlays. With a neon cyberpunk twist this time! Check the details.

These overlays are easy to use. You drop a layer with a plastic texture on the artwork, and it looks authentic immediately. These resources are flexible and reasonable free transforming, perspective and warp distortions are allowed, and do not ruin the realistic appearance.

Package includes:

  • Print-ready 300 DPI 6000x4000 organised PSD document.
  • 20 transparent plastic textures and overlays.
  • 5 vibrant gradient overlays.
  • Illustrated how-to-use guide.

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A pack of high-res plastic texture overlays and cliparts, and neon lightning overlays.

File size:
520 MB
Photoshop CC+

Plastic Wrap Overlays & Cliparts

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